SPFit provides a unique environment and culture to workout in, offering personal training on a 1:1 basis and small group private training, a flourishing Running Club and a fitness yoga class.  Trhese sessions are run inside SPFit, outdoors in the fresh air and online. We also offer a wide variety of other sessions from improving your flexibility to increasing your knowledge of nutrition.  We will provide all the support you need to achieve your goals.

The Sherborne Castle Grounds are only a short walk or even run away. The location is matched only by the quality of the personal trainer that the studio has to offer.

We use all forms of weightlifting and suspension training, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to provide functional training that you would expect from a studio that prides itself in keeping up with the most up to date training methods. 

You may be surprised how we “do” weighlifting.  We have some great “fun” equipment such as large wall balls, tyres and sleds and will be installing two specialist crossfit  type rigs at the end of July.

We focus on cross-training to get maximum results (please note we do not have boring cardio and sit-down resistance machines).

Many gyms promise that they are friendly. But by ensuring all our members are personal training clients we ensure that everyone is like-minded and encourages each other to achieve their goals. We definitely have fun at the same time. Smiling and talking to each other is a prerequisite. Sorry!

Age and physical condition are not barriers to prevent anyone from taking part in modern and varied exercise programmes with specific benefits for that individual.  We train everyone from highly skilled and experienced athletes to complete novices.