Small Group Training

Small Group Training post lockdown as a result of COVID-19

Plyometric jumps and tyre flippingLike so many businesses we have had to adapt our products and the services we provide. In brief, we now provide the following classes and training sessions but this is a constantly evolving process: 

1) Each week we have four outdoor small group training sessions which focus on burning body fat , improving your cardiovascular fitness and strengthening your major muscle groups. For the period of lockdown 2, these have now moved online.

2) A weekly running club. For the period of lockdown 2, we are encouraging members to run in pairs following the Government's guidelines.

3) A weekly online fitness yoga class to improve flexibility and strength at the same time.

4) Each week we have two online strength training sessions on Zoom, the first focusing on strength and muscle toning and the second - the ever popular circuits / HIIT class.



Before you even think about joining SPFit, we would like to invite you in for a complimentary tour of our personal training studio, a general discussion of your fitness requirements and the services we provide. If you choose to join SPFit you can choose between 1:1 training, just small group training or both services.

All members will first have a review and planning session which is the key to understanding your goals, history and commitment to the lifestyle and level of fitness you really want.   We will also be able to decide whether you are someone we feel we can work with and so benefit from being a member of SPFit and achieve your goals. It will enable us to map out a successful weight loss or fitness programme for you that fits in with your lifestyle.


Kettlebell Swing

We can also conduct physical evaluations that help determine where your body is now, so that you have all the critical information you need before you proceed with any training programmes.


We have designed workouts that those members of our small group training actually want and their input is constantly required, you may also  want to add this to our easy to follow nutrition service that will help achieve your goals faster. 

Access to all group sessions is by a monthly membership and by paying for a specific course and/or number of sessions in advance.

What is our Small Group Training? 

If your goals are any of the following: get lean, get toned, drop a clothes size or more, get your body ready for the beach, improve your posture, lose weight or simply increase your levels of strength and fitness we design programmes with you in mind. Or you may want to improve your fitness skill-set and become, for example, kettlebell experts, and so again, we design specific courses and programmes to achieve those goals.  

We use a combination of Total Body Strength Workouts alongside Metabolic Conditioning Workouts in groups to enhance your physical condition.

Training in small groups is fun and we really encourage true camaraderie that you will not get training on your own.   When you are having fun working out you are are much more likely to stick with the programme we design for you.

Who is the SPFit Small Group Training suitable for?

The workout programmes are designed for the "everyone"  so it is a perfect way for you to enhance your physical condition whether you are just beginning to improve your fitness and strength or have been working out for many years and consider yourself experienced and or have a high skill level.

All our exercises have regressions (make them easier) and progressions (make them harder) so it does not matter who you are, as the SPFit Small Group Training will challenge you at your own level.

We have clients training together that are aged between 17 and 70, both female and male.

How The Programme Works?

  • When you join SPFit, we don’t just throw you into the fitness sessions.
  • We asses your fitness levels, skill and experience and choose a specific course and programme that will suit you.
  • And if necessary we have an introductory course that you must complete before we allow you to join the full programme.