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I qualified and trained with Cannons Health and Fitness which then became Nuffield Health and Fitness. My experience has shown me that the larger gym chains use this industry as a conveyor belt to churn out average personal trainers to be sales people, and solely generate money, rather than put the experiences of people first. I cannot work like that. I very quickly went self-employed and have been a freelance personal trainer for over 10 years. I set up my own small 1:1 personal training studio in Yeovil and this quickly showed the benefits of a bespoke training facility.  It also gave me the confidence to pursue my vision of a specialist personal and group training facility like no other.

I firmly believe that age, illness or injury should not be barriers to exercise.  Whatever your starting point, exercise will help develop and maintain the fitness required to live a healthy, happy, independent life.

All About Me

Sport at school involved me usually winning the High Jump competition, being tall, and avoiding the outside swimming pool. (Cold water, dead flies, howling gale..)  I have completed marathons and cycling time trials and now I lift weights, go hiking and orienteering.  That’s me but more importantly ……….

All About You

Personal Training is just that – Personal to you. My aim is to help you gain confidence on your fitness journey, focussing on safe and effective exercises and steady progress. I want to take away the fear that comes from going to the gym, not knowing what you are doing or why you are doing it.