Exercise Nutrition

Our lifestyle and nutrition coaching programme is a very practical choice for anyone who really wants to improve the quality of their life by improving their nutrition knowledge and, for want of a better term, their "diet" .

It is also a great choice for any client who really wants to take their health and wellbeing serious.  

If you really want to improve your training/sports performance then you cannot do it without improving your nutrition so you MUST choose our  nutrition coaching if you want to really see the gains that all your hard training deserves.

But often we are overwhelmed because we think we have to make too many changes all at once and immediately.

The key to making long-term change that has a powerful effect on your health and performance is to form one habit at a time until you do not even realise that you are doing it. These changes then become part of your subconscious.

Our nutrition coaching is  focused on supporting and educating our clients on how to form the necessary habits that are needed for lifelong change.

As part of this coaching, we provide you with all the tools and strategies that are necessary in making lasting changes including:

  • Self-assessment pack for you to complete before our initial review meeting
  • Blank nutrition diary for you to complete in detail for at least one week before our initial review meeting
  • Initial 60 minute lifestyle and nutrition review, goal setting, measuring your starting point  (taking your bodyfat %, weight and other body measurements (some even like to take the "before" photos), initial nutrition plan
  • Weekly private coaching sessions (30 minutes) to monitor body fat, take measurements, discuss any problems you have, and update your goals, etc.
  • Weekly email support 
  • Nutrition diaries, weekly shopping lists and tips for success

Our nutrition coaching programme typically lasts for 6 months. This allows a realistic timeframe for you to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and also form the necessary habits required.  This length of time also gives your trainer a realistic and sufficient amount of time to ensure you make significant progress which is safe but one that ensures you are not under undue pressure.

If this coaching is what you really need please contact us so that we can discuss your goals and explain how our nutrition coaching works.