Your Running Club

SPFit Running ClubSometimes when we try to learn a new skill such as improving our running ability we need help – and that is where SPFit can play an important role.

So why not join the SPFit Sherborne Your Running Club? Check out SPFit Sherborne on Facebook to see our photo collection.

We organise training sessions based around the stunning surrounding countryside of Sherborne, while daylight allows, so these are mostly multi-terrain routes. In the darker months we train on the streets of the historic abbey town of Sherborne itself. We will also use time trials in the winter months when we concentrate on improving your running speed.

In the summer, we also use the track at the Sherborne Boys School for interval training to not only add variety to our sessions but also improve our members performance.  These are tough, so be warned.

We welcome all abilities and just ask that you get involved with the team as much as possible.  We meet every Tuesday at about 6:00pm at a specified location ready to start running at 6:15pm.

SPFit Running ClubWe use the "out and back method" on most training sessions where everybody runs to various landmarks on route and then to whoever is at the back.  In this way, the fast runnners run the furthest and everyone keeps together and gets a good workout no matter what their ability. It also keeps the whole session really sociable.

If you would like to join us for a training session to see first-hand whether our club will suit you - or if you have any questions, please contact Simon Partridge.

We are all passionate about our club, our members and running but we love being outside and having fun together even more. We think you will too.

SPFit Sherborne Your Running Club, like many other running clubs can offer a number of benefits to someone learning to run the right way.


Here are a few to consider:

  • Coaching - When  people want to take up a new sport they usually get some training or coaching. Running is no different – it’s a learnt skill, and requires training & lots of practice. Simon Partridge is here to help you learn to run safely and effectively.
  • Improve your running: The advice you get from your coach or other members of the club is invaluable – usually the best you will receive. If you are out there just running and have no idea of what you are doing, you run the risk of becoming injured or training the wrong way.
  • Competition: Runners have one main competitor and that is themselves, but to beat your best time you need to strive to get better. One way is to push yourself against other club members – it’s a win/win for everyone.
  • Fun: Yes running can be fun! It’s great to have friendly, fun competition when training and we can run in the stunning countryside around Sherborne.
  • Socialising: Running can be a lonely sport. Often when it feels hard or tedious it’s good to have someone to chat with when warming up, doing your stretches afterwards, or just running alongside. We have a great bunch of characters and there is always plenty of banter.
  • Meeting like-minded people: We usually do sports in groups, where there are many people with the same outlook and interests. Running, like all sports, attracts people with similar goals, so it’s great to compare notes on races and just talk running.
  • Motivation:  The thought of being trained can be very motivational. Your goals may be to improve your distances or your speed, and it’s a lot easier when you have a group of fellow runners with the same goals to support you.
  • Accountability: Running requires discipline and to be a runner you need to run at least 2 or 3 times a week, so if you are part of a club you are far more likely to turn up and run.