Simon is the hardest working, most passionate personal trainer you will find. He works hard to write and design personal training plans to help you achieve and exceed your personal goals. You achieve more than you think you ever could do, sooner than you ever thought possible with results and personal goals which keep you motivated. He pushes you out of your comfort zone while giving you the confidence to push yourself even further. Simon's new training studio is fantastic and is a true testament to his hard work and commitment. Lou Murrin

After many years of personal training sessions with Simon you may think it gets repetitive and boring. Not a chance. Working together to achieve your agreed goals, the programmes are skillfully managed to constantly progress your aerobic fitness/weight control and strength. It is clever stuff and Simon is very motivating. You get maximum benefit in minimum time. Alistair Herbert

Just finished my first PT session with Simon in his new gym, he's got a brilliant setup with amazing equipment! I've been training with Simon for about 6 years now and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer and his gym. Ed Hunter

SPFit is Sherborne's Premier personal training and small group training centre. It also has a growing running club for everyone in our community.

We cater for all abilities from professional athletes to those completely new to exercise.


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